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Forget about tours to Sagrada Familia or La Boqueria Market. Those sights you can easily do on your own.

We will take to you the hidden gems, outside of Barcelona, that is hard to reach on your own. Join us for your next BARCELONA EXPEDITION!

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Costa Brava

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Mont Rebei

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Why do we do this?

As “guiris” ourselves, we know that as an expat living here it is easy to discover the city of Barcelona, its beaches, architecture and nightlife! However, most expats here don’t have their own car and often haven’t heard about places like Calella de Palafrugell, Tamariu, Besalú and Delta del Ebro. Catalunya has SO much more than only Barcelona to offer!

Most daytrips organized by the tour operators here are super expensive and with local transportation you can’t reach these destinations by yourself, at least not with ease. We wanted to change that!

That’s why we started Barcelona Expedition – so that YOU can discover our beloved Catalunya, but at a low cost!

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Stop reading that boring "guide book" about Barcelona

They all tell you to visit the same things. Sure, many of these sights are AWESOME, but you don’t need any help to explore that.

Just go to "Our Trips" and sign up for our next Barcelona Expedition!

Catalunya got so many incredible places to discover. But without a car, these sights are hard to reach. That’s where we come in.

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We can’t wait to show you the REAL Catalunya and at the same time you’ll be making new friends from around the world!

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