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Who we are

Discovering Catalunya and its magical sights has never been easier!

Welcome to the most enriching travel experience of your life with Barcelona Expedition. Join our community of fellow travellers today and find the hidden gems of Catalunya.

Have you heard about Salvador Dalí? Of course you have. His art is a great inspiration for many. But we wanna show you what inspired the artist: the astonishing views you get at the Costa Brava, and the sunsets at Cadaqués!


What makes Barcelona Expedition stand out?

We have been there

Moving to a new country may seem intimidating, but we assure you that it’s also the experience of a lifetime.

We’ve been there, we’ve done that and we know the drill. Now, Barcelona Expedition is here to help you discover the most amazing places around Catalunya!

Meet New Friends

Barcelona Expedition is an initiative by a group of friends from around the world who all met one another in Barcelona.

Our community of travellers has been conceptualised and created to help you discover the places the tourists normally won’t find. You’ll also enjoy the added benefit of meeting friends from around the world on our day trips.

Forget all traditional super expensive tour operators

Our mission has always been to show you all the magic of Catalunya at a low cost. We have never understood the reason why everyone else is charging almost €100 just to take people up to one place at Costa Brava. Just go to “Our Trips” and find out for yourself.